2011 Christmas party

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

High school styled college Christmas Party with my blockmates. Haha. Let me introduce you to..

The threesome! Me, Nikka and Bea. ♥

Yuji. My silent but deadly friend.

NBSB. (From left to right): Serine, Andy, Abbi and Jan. :)

Celton and Tots.

Don, Rijel and Luigi.

Denisse and JG.

Tots, Toni and Kath!

Denisse and Merl.

SF. Celton, Lens, Yuji, Cess, Tots, Jude, Myleen and Iza

The UN (incomplete)! JG, Merl, Nikka, Mikee and Denisse.  ♥

Jas & Bea.

Bea and I.  ♥

Denisse with Tin. That's madame president to you!

Moi with Mark!


The UN. From left to right: JG, Bea, me, Merl, Denisse, Mikee, Nikka and Jas. Christine's missing here, though. :( This really looks like we're endorsing Forever21! Haha. (Matching floral prints and styles)

They are the coolest and most awesome people I know.♥

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