Football feelings

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

As promised, I have mentioned earlier that I will be sharing some personal things with you — don’t you guys worry, it’s still slightly drama-free.

My reason why I haven’t been updating lately other than my academic life is because of the London Olympics on July to August. Because I live approximately at GMT 8:00+, the games start at night up to the after hours. So apparently, after school, I go home immediately to take a nap and wake up in the dead of the night to watch the games.

Personally I was never a sports person. I hate sweating and getting dirty. I don’t watch any game other than football — until the French Open in tennis this year took place. After watching the French Open I’ve become more open to other sports.. in which why I would like to share my love of football — something that I have been keeping in arcane for years. Here in my place, football is not the main sport, but ‘basketball’. Weird enough, I have tried to be open about my preference to football over any other sport, and I’ve been labeled ‘elitist’ for such. Up to now I still cannot comprehend why people here are like that, since the whole world other than my country and the United States deem football as their national favorite. Football is the ‘world’s favorite sport’, no doubt about that.

And it’s Premier League and La Liga season again! :-D I rarely have people to talk to about my football feelings and my very detailed admiration for Iker Casillas and Fernando Torres. I really envy football fans who get to watch and talk about the games with their family, friends and peers. I would also like to mention that I only know one or two guys who watch football out of all the people I know. My life is sad D:

I like Spanish football. I love how the Spaniards play the game with so much passion and tension. When it comes to Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, I don’t really have a long-shot preference over the two, since I think both clubs are best on their own; but because I just really, really adore Iker Casillas (second will be Fernando Torres), Real Madrid is ahead by .001% for me.

And I’m very glad I’m taking Spanish classes right now else I would not comprehend a word Sergio Ramos and others are saying on Twitter.

Whenever someone asks me for my favorite football team, I would answer La Roja or the Spanish football team instead of a football club. Personally, I think La Roja is perfected by its members. After Spanish football will be Latin American football.

I always imagined myself that I’ll never be a writer for a broadsheet or a tabloid, but of some high-end magazine writer of arts and culture. Although I am fully aware of local and international politics, I’m a bit hesitant getting involved of it. I know that arts and culture won’t take me afar, but right now, I do consider being a sports writer. In truth, though, I really don’t know what will become of me after I graduate.

How do you feel about football? Or your favorite sport? :-)

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