January 2012: Velada Tomasina

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So, my 400-year-old university is about to close its celebration for the Quadricentennial year. Doing so, we were enjoined to be part of Velada Tomasina yesterday. The event requires us to dress up in a very fashionable way -- Victorian-style in with the touch of the Spanish-Filipino culture. Because I didn't have any clothes for the female, I just cross-dressed. Actually, it's because I wanted to be an ilustrado (19th century term for 'enlightened one' in the Philippines), I dressed-up as Jose Rizal.

And gladly, I got a lot of comments that I look like Rizal *lol*. It pays to study in a university with such unique and grand architecture!

Running away. Con mi amore.
El ilustrado de Universidad de Santo Tomas.

La bonita.

Recuerdo la familia.

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