My curated wardrobe

Monday, September 17, 2012

My 'curated' wardrobe.

Though, not yet totally curated, for I still have a lot of clothes I kept. I have read in an editorial in Fashionising that owning a heap clothes is no longer advisable to a stylish (I'm not really fashionable, because I tend to deviate from trends, but I am very keen of self-aesthetics) person. The trend that most people follow is to own a lot of clothes. Apparently, people who do own a lot suffer from deciding what they'd wear. It would take them from minutes to hours (believe me, I did) to pick the perfect top to match a good pair of shorts.
 Curating your own wardrobe is simply picking out the best articles of your closet, and removing those garments you rarely use. It does not have to be necessarily designer, but it should have quality. With only the bests in your wardrobe, styling is done effortlessly. How so? The key is to learn how to mix-and-match your garments, deceiving that you have never repeated an article of clothing. For a curated wardrobe, the number one rule is "quality over quantity". 

 Now that's the real deal of being stylish.

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