The Reunion

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Christine, Nikka, Mark and I watched The Reunion (2012) last Saturday (18th August), a local film about four buddies reminiscing their high school lives. The film's soundtrack is heavily induced with Eraserheads songs, with also subtle references to the songs. Though I am not a fan of local films, I actually enjoyed this. I think the cinematography was breathtaking and something all filmmakers should copy. The quality is already at par with Japanese and Korean films :-)

Though Enchong Dee was actually the most-centric character of all the four main characters, I personally thought Xian Lim's charm and his hilarious acting was the most remarkable.

We ate our lunch at Bon Chon!

The famous chicken. When it comes to meat, I prefer to eat beef than chicken, but Bon Chon's chicken has to be the most scrumptious chicken I have ever tasted. Will definitely eat this again.


Christine & I.

Nikka & I!

Nikka's love for Happy Lemon extends to the point she's thisclose in being an endorser!

Bought three new books to be added in my library -- The First Family by Mike Dash, a non-fiction about mafias; Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern; and the book I've been scavenger hunting for two years now, Mein Kampf, an autobiography by Adolf Hitler. I still have a bulk to read before I start with these D: check my Goodreads account! :-)

Mark, Nikka and I.

Lucky Chinatown is like Narnia within Chinatown. It's a diamond in the rough. Unlike other malls, it's not so crowded here. I'll go here often now.

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