the alley cat of lacson avenue

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It has been a while since my blog post. I was reading Think Like a Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett to aid my collaborative finals requirement for our Photojournalism class *to this date I still do not understand why we should take photos such as these which have no relations with photojournalism whatsoever*.

The idea for this project was that we were to take photos as if an alley cat was taking the photos. So, yeah, us photographers had to lie in the middle of an avenue, on dirty corners, and take photos like a cat. I have only known recently that cats have wretched vision. They're colorblind to red and can only see faded hues of colors.

As the head of our project, on behalf of my groupmates, we have tried our best to be as feline as we could be. These are what cats see. Enjoy looking at the photos :-)

I'm a cat. I don't belong to anybody.

in for the kill

home sweet home

curiouser and curiouser

meow. food. meow.

purrrr. food finally!


curiosity almost killed me

got a room for tonight. memory, all alone in the moonlight~~

owner.. just for today

who let the dog out?!

stupid dogs

humans are so interesting


no human. my name is not mingming, and I don't need a name.
can you feel the love tonight~~

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