Monday, May 27, 2013

This is how you'll enter the real world:

Your welcoming committee will be wearing their smug, weary, stressed faces, with nonchalant eyes. But you're sensitive enough to know they're judging you, from your fancy shoes up to your well-combed hair.

They're eyeing you like a prey. They won't show it, though. They're too clever to don this indifference. Your meat and wits reek of inevitable freshness. They can smell that you are young, you don't know anything, we can fool you, or so they think. They'll be kind to you, be the 'role-model' figure you just need and still be treacherous.

But little do they know that you're aware of this social play. You give them the benefits of mocking and fooling you. And because you're a smart-assed kid, you'll act ignorant and stupid -- trying to find out who was the husband with five wives. But you're sly. Within this polygamy, there's always that slut or whore. Because you're better than anyone else, you subtly squeeze that out without pulling your sleeves.

After pulling that off from your playbook, you start to doubt every goodness you've learned from your preppy school. That's just how it works, dear. You can let your guard down now. Tough world, eh? Breathe, stay calm. Go on and cry, but you have to go through this on your own.

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